Top line tips to boost Brand Awareness
  • Posted on: 26/02/2019
  • Category: Star News

Top line tips to boost Brand Awareness

Having a solid, reliable brand is important for your company to thrive. No matter the size of your company, you should market your products and services with every tool you have.

Brand awareness activities and tools are the most influential. It has been proven to be efficient when getting customers to identify and remember your company or business and maintain your message correctly everywhere.

If your target market doesn’t trust or recognize your brand, how will you ever increase your customer base and sales? Here are a few memorable strategies you can use to expand brand awareness and help your company succeed. 

1. Optimise your website

Being in the digital era, your website is one of the most effective places to spread brand awareness. A website and online presence allows you to market your business and establish credibility. Use your website to inform people who you are, and what you do. Having an appealing website helps customers to recognize your company and gives them more confidence in your capabilities.

One of the most significant aspects of optimising your website is driving traffic to it. Your content should drive viewers to click through your website. When you build content with this intention, ask yourself the following questions;

1. Will this content motivate viewers to my website?

2. Does this content catch the attention of my target audience?

3. How can I measure my website usability?

2. Focus on content

Using content marketing to increase brand awareness doesn’t necessarily mean flooding the internet with content. The question is, what type of content should you produce? Think of several ways to catch the attention of your target audience.

Your content should add value, show what your brand is all about, and be relevant to your target audience. When creating content to develop your brand awareness, ask yourself the following questions;

1. Will our audience take notice of this content?

2. Will our audience feel motivated to share this content?

3. Does this content mirror our company’s values and objectives?

3. Social Media Marketing

With much of the world’s population connecting on social media, it works as a great place to increase brand awareness. If your business is best suited to a network, then don’t hesitate to put most of your energy into a few platforms. Know where your audiences are and use those networks as your focal point. The other huge thing about social media marketing is that it’s a free way to build brand recognition.

While it is quite demanding to stay active on social media and frequently engage with your followers, it can be enormously beneficial. Make sure that when you post on social media, you use a lot of captivating images, videos, or infographics. Content that’s eye-catching and informative will increase brand awareness and engagement.

Social media can be very beneficial it is significant to increase the chances of new fans hearing about your brand, make your brand easy to find. For example, on Instagram and twitter, hashtags can help increase your visibility, particularly if you research hashtags relevant to your brand and your industry. Although Instagram can boost brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. This social media platform works best for companies who are selling actual products-retail. Instagram is a great way of promoting products that have a strong visual identity to advertise. On LinkedIn, influence followers to share your high-quality content to expand your reach.

Blogging is a helpful way to establish validity for your brand and expand your overall reach. In relation to company budgeting, a blog should be free if its part of a company website. The high-quality blog content that you create today will persist to draw in new customers for years to come.

4. Distribute beneficial promotional items

Make sure your brand is striking on your social media posts and website, while also distributing promotional products at networking or social events, conferences and trade shows, if appropriate to your company. You’ll be boosting your brand awareness while also reaching out to potential clients and customers! What small, inexpensive things could you give out with your product or service that will get your customer thinking positive thoughts about you?

5. Sponsorship

A company may reinforce awareness among its target market by sponsoring an event or organisation that attracts a similar target market. By connecting your company’s brand with an event or venue that your target audience views positively, you’re shaping attitudes and helping to generate a definite reaction to your brand.

Additionally, sponsorship can help an organisation differentiate itself from competitors. Your company name can stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Similarly, it also provides the opportunity to get your brand in front of a new market of potential customers, exposing a variety of new marketing opportunities.

6. Networking

The most regular but very productive way of promoting your name is to simply talk about it. Backing away from the computer screen and stepping out into the public sphere is critical if you want to build your brand. Conferences and Exhibitions are great for meeting large numbers of people, who are keen in hearing about your company. Networking is also valuable as you can introduce yourself to other Businesses and industry experts, which may result in very profitable business ventures and partnerships.

These 6 strategies are great ways to increase your brand awareness and help your company thrive. Everyone knows they should be doing their best towards increasing their brand, the conclusion on this one, naturally depends on the budget and the nature of the business you are running.

Which do you think will be most effective for you and your brand?