A day in the Life of a Medical Device Sales Representative
  • Posted on: 30/08/2018
  • Category: Industry

A day in the Life of a Medical Device Sales Representative

At Star we hire for a number of different and varied roles. One of the many jobs that we recruit for quite regularly is that of Medical Device Sales Representative. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Medical Device Sales Representative?

As a whole Medical Device Sales Representatives manage sales and relationships with clients. They need to have exceptional communication skills and most importantly be extremely organised. They have to able to meet the demands of a client and from those demands, generate sales. They must be able to exceed National Sales Targets for promoted brands. They are the contact point for that particular client. They have to be able to identify collaborative opportunities with stakeholders to develop projects to ultimately benefit patients. A large amount of representative roles are specified to a therapeutic area. It would be beneficial to have experience in that particular therapy area be it dental, wound management or nutrition.

The crux of this job could be the point of contact for stakeholders and relevant HCPs and working towards uncovering opportunities. Mainly sales reps would visit hospitals. The start of the day usually begins with the sales representative reviewing the previous history of the client. They establish goals they want to achieve from the call such as finding out the types of equipment in the facility and finding out who the key point of contact is. This is especially important when trying to facilitate education courses for certain devices.

Product Specialists usually have an appointment organised weeks in advance so upon entering the hospital, they are expected. When dealing with medical devices, you may come across devices that are require service or validation. It would be part of your job to inspect the device, ask the right questions such as “Who is responsible for reporting this?” e.g. in a Biomedical Engineering Department. The main goal is to receive the right person’s contact details, organising a service for the device if needs be. This is essential part of the job to make sure everything is in working order and that everyone knows how to use the device correctly.

Part of this job can also mean that your product is used across many therapeutic areas within a hospital, additionally business cases may be presented to relevant budget holders within the hospital.

Here at Star we are always on the lookout for the brightest and best candidates.

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