How to be a Star Interviewee
  • Posted on: 30/08/2018
  • Category: Industry

How to be a Star Interviewee

Interviews can be difficult and intense. Many employers look to put you through at least two stages in the interview process. There are also a multitude of different tactics and testing that they can use. Simply put, interviews are designed to test you. Here at Star Ireland, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to ace your interviews right from our recruiter’s mouths!

Preparation is key

An obvious one, but so many people fail on this. Spend an adequate amount of time preparing for your interview. This could include researching the company, the job role, what’s involved, who’s who. It’s also useful to do a little market research on the competitors, knowing what’s out there and who you’re up against. Knowing these key facts shows the hiring manger that you’re interested, engaged and informed. Most importantly, know your CV inside out.

Dress to Impress

This is a really important one. Putting time and effort into your appearance reflects on your work ethic to a potential employer. Some offices are slightly more casual than others but when it comes to an interview situation, business attire is essential. That doesn’t mean you can’t showcase your personality through your style. Just simply putting the effort in e.g. tidy hair, ironed shirts and formal shoes, will go a long way to showing your potential employer that you mean business!

Back up every point with an example

This is especially important in competency-based interviews. Make sure that every answer you give can be backed up with an example. For example, “I work well under pressure. This one particular time, my colleague became very sick all of a sudden. He had to go home. He was meant to do a large presentation in front of an important client. I had a small amount of time to prepare myself. I got through it and because of my efforts, we won the contract.” Showing you have evidence for every point you make will make you an extremely strong candidate. It will also enhance your coherency in an interview.

Be natural

Showing off your personality in an interview is essential. Some people make the mistake of just consistently using buzzwords and not incorporating their own personality. This is a bad idea as it doesn’t give the hiring manger any indication of what sort of a person you are. They could misjudge you or be unsure of how you’ll fit in with the rest of the team. Show off your humour or tenacity. Give them an insight into yourself, but don’t lie - it will catch up on you.

Be honest, be yourself and you’ll come across as a genuine and wholesome person.

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