Switching Monday blues into Monday motivation
  • Posted on: 28/01/2019
  • Category: Industry

Switching Monday blues into Monday motivation

“Ugh, Monday”

Why do people fear Mondays so much? Yes, the weekend is over, and we are back to reality, and yes, that means the early rises and the pile of unread emails. Instead of feeling the classic Monday blues and viewing Mondays as the day you go back to work and the day that signals the end of the weekend, have it as the day that sets the tone for how your week will be. 

Do you wish to battle the Monday morning gloom? Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help switch Monday blues into Monday motivation.

1. Don’t skip breakfast

Many people skip the a.m. meal because they’re rushing to get out the door. That’s a mistake. You need food in your system long before lunchtime. Morning hunger crankiness is the last thing anyone needs in the office. A good breakfast will kick-start your energy levels and will improve your focus for the rest of the day.

2. Make a schedule and prioritize your work

Mondays are tough, so if you can at least make a schedule it offers direction for the day and makes it easier to get through it. Prioritize your workflow to be more efficient throughout the day. Try to keep your Monday work simple so you are not overloading yourself at the beginning of the week. Instead of tackling the biggest and more complicated tasks early on Monday, take some time for easier, more routine work. This decision will get you up and running and give you the energy for the challenging tasks. 

3. Early morning exercise

Getting in some early morning exercise can help you shake away the weekend cloud and set your mind right for the week ahead. Exercise amps up endorphin levels, so try getting in early morning exercise to boost your energy and make Monday a lot more enjoyable. Morning exercise has been shown to improve focus and mental abilities all day long. Not only will you feel awake and have more energy after your workout, but your mind will be ready to take on whatever tasks you have lined up that day. So whether you push yourself to do a full workout, hop on the treadmill for 20 minutes or just take the stairs, fitting exercise into your Monday schedule will help brighten your mood.

4. Early to bed on Sunday

On the weekends, if we don't catch up on sleep, Mondays can make us feel drained before the week has even begun. To refrain from feeling exhausted in the morning, hit the hay early on Sunday so you wake up refreshed. Make sure you get seven to nine hours of sleep and are well rested to perform better in work.

5. Don't live for the weekends

Find something you love to do and do it on a weeknight. Don't only look forward to Saturday and Sunday; try to spread out the joy and plan something fun during the week. It doesn't have to be something over-the-top if you're not up for it. It should be easy, low-cost, Low-key and fit into your purpose. Plan a dinner date, an evening stroll with friends, Watch TV with family members or hit the gym with someone who always puts a smile on your face. Making midweek evening plans gives yourself something to Look forward to, resulting in productivity levels increasing and your overall happiness will go through the roof.

For the best results, try to combine some of the tips together and maximising your Monday. Think of Monday as a new week of opportunity and a fresh start: you want to start off your week as optimistic and as strong as possible. Monday doesn’t have to be the most painful day of the week; it is only so, if you focus on it.