How to beat those winter blues at work
  • Posted on: 30/08/2018
  • Category: Thought Leadership

How to beat those winter blues at work

Its dark out, the weather is doing that drizzly, miserable half rain and it’s pretty cold. It makes it very difficult to get out of the bed in the mornings and face work. However it’s not all doom and gloom! Here are our top tips for beating those winter blues!!

1. Eat Smarter- It is too easy to rush out in the morning, coffee in hand with no thought of breakfast. Make time for breakfast, a nice hearty bowl of porridge will make a massive difference. You’ll notice your energy levels and focus improve and your mood will be for the better. Fruit and nuts also make for nutritious snacks.

2. Plan a holiday- this will most definitely improve your mood! Planning holidays is the best way to have a goal to work towards. We find even taking a few days extra in January to rejuvenate and reflect is beneficial. Now is also the best time to find deals for next summer, flight sales and booking way in advance will definitely be kinder on your wallet!

3. Secret Santa- this is a fun way to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Make sure everyone is included in the office and set a manageable budget. Let the fun begin!

4. Hold offsite meetings or go out for lunch- get yourself out of the office! This will break up the monotony of the week. It also gives you something to look forward during the day. Treat yourself to a fancy lunch with the office crowd, it’s an excellent way to unwind!

5. Exercising- this is tough. The last thing you may want to do on a dreary morning or evening is to go to the gym. But it is worth it! It will give you a boost and shake off those cob webs.

6. Planning for the New Year-this is a reflective one. This is the best way to organise your thoughts for the New Year. Be it work or home related, giving yourself goals to achieve over the next few months can really energise you.

7. Christmas shopping- enough said! If you have a few annual leave days built up, why not take one to get a head start on the shopping. A quiet weekday morning in a shopping centre is much less manic than a week to Christmas during the weekend.

8. Decorate your desk-release your inner Christmas child! This is the best way to get full swing into the Christmas merriment. It will have you smiling for the month of December!

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