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Beacon Pharma

At Beacon we make it our business to understand the challenges that are faced by patients and healthcare workers whilst dealing with medical issues. Knowing our marketplace, stakeholders and products is crucial to our success and ongoing growth and development.

At Beacon our experience, knowledge and flexibility ensures that our business strategy stays focused on:

  • Developing and marketing medicinal products which help healthcare workers to effectively treat patients
  • Exceeding the exacting standards of all our stakeholders
  • Providing a high level of medical information and customer service to healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Creating new opportunities to provide essential medicines to our customers
  • Developing and maintaining successful long-term partnerships with other organisations

The UK pharmaceutical industry is at the forefront of the worldwide pharmaceutical industry and is a major contributor to the economy of the UK. As well as developing new medicines for many diseases, the pharmaceutical industry in the UK brings life-saving and life-enhancing medicines to patients. UK companies help to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of helping patients prevent and overcome diseases.

Innovative medicines offer potentially life-changing developments for patients, either through targeting specific disease areas, or transforming the way patients receive their treatments. Not all innovation is a result of the development of new active substances that produce a radical improvement in healthcare. It has been demonstrated that individual medicines usually develop over a period of time and through gradual improvements delivered by a number of products. At Beacon development is focused on incremental innovation of existing products.

These improvements, such as enhanced delivery mechanisms and improved formulations can be of great benefit to patients by, for example, improving adherence to the prescribed medication and bringing about improved tolerability and improved health outcomes.

Partnering with R&D companies to successfully commercialize opportunities

Although most research is undertaken by major pharmaceutical companies there are now probably more small R&D companies than there have ever been. It is part of Beacon’s strategy to partner with research based companies in order to successfully commercialise innovative medicines in the UK.

Beacon has a successful track record of partnering with European and American companies in many therapeutic areas including neurology, ophthalmology, anaesthetics, cardiology and oncology. Our main focus and expertise centres on those medicines used in hospitals although we also successfully supply medicines that are prescribed by General Practitioners.

The acquisition of pharmaceuticals from other pharmaceutical companies

Over recent years we have seen the major pharmaceutical companies grow by mergers and acquisitions to become much larger multinational corporations and these have tended to focus on medical areas that may be expected to generate the significant financial returns that would be required by their shareholders. This does mean that some diseases that affect small populations, or older products that may have smaller returns, may be better served by smaller companies more willing and able to focus on these niche opportunities.

Beacon has a successful track record both in selling medicines used for niche medical conditions and in continuing to supply some older medicinal products that are still very much required.

As a smaller company, Beacon is able to adapt to changing markets quickly and give better focus to these niche and older products.