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Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd (CPE), is a subsidiary of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, a leading Japanese company (member of the Roche Group) responsible for the European input to Chugai’s global product development pipeline. CPE is an integral part of developing product candidates through to Market.

Chugai Pharmaceutical’s mission is to add exceptional value through the creation of innovative medical products and services for the benefit of the medical community and human health around the world. We undertake actions that give the highest priority to patients and consumers.

As a most important member of the Roche group, we aim to become a top Japanese pharmaceutical company by providing a continuous flow of innovative new medicines domestically and internationally.

Chugai has the top domestic market share in oncology, and continues to enhance its presence in the strategic fields of oncology, bone and joint diseases, and renal diseases, while targeting the central nervous system as a new field. As Japan’s No.1 biopharmaceutical company,

Chugai is evolving the next generation of antibody technologies to create new drugs with even greater efficacy and ease of use. We are also promoting personalized health care (PHC) to deliver individual treatment plans based on molecular and genetic information from each patient’s cells.

The disease areas of focus for Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd reflect Chugai’s Global Development Pipeline.

For each development candidate, Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd works closely with the global project members, led by a Global Project Leader, and generally comprising representatives from Japan, USA and Europe, but can be wider ranging.

As a small component of a much larger organisation, Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd is able to provide agile, specialised expertise in drug development to ensure the optimal strategy for our development projects internationally, whilst considering maximisation of shareholder value for the wider corporate group.


Fast to Proof of Concept linked to skilful collaboration using smart expertise.


Creating innovative drugs in unique ways.