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Dr Falk Pharma UK

Herbert Falk began to study Pharmacy in 1947 in Freiburg, which had been devastated in the war. First, he completed the then compulsory two-year period in a pharmacy in his father, Emil Falk’s Herdern Pharmacy. In 1955, after his studies and his doctorate in Pharmacy, he again worked as a pharmacist and later took over his father’s pharmacy. There he began to produce his own cardiovascular drops, and sold these in his own premises, and in other pharmacies in and around Freiburg. At the same time, he studied medicine, completing his dissertation in 1959. Encouraged by his initial success in selling cardiovascular drops, Dr Falk founded his own company, Remefa GmbH & Co KG in 1960. The company name was an abbreviation of Remedia (Latin for remedy), and Falk. From 1963 the company traded under the name Dr. Falk Arzneimittel GmbH & Co KG, and from 1989 as Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH.

In the same year as the company was founded, the Hepatofalk® preparation was launched. This was a combination preparation made from plant extracts for regenerative and protective liver therapy. In the 1960s further medications followed, such as the orotacid preparation Orotofalk and the vitamin preparation ADEK-Falk for intra-muscular injection, which, like Hepatofalk, are no longer available.

In 1974, Chenofalk, the first ever bile acid for the medicinal dissolution of gall-bladder stones was launched. In 1978 this was followed by the second bile acid preparation, Ursofalk, which is still the leading medication for the treatment of cholestatic liver diseases today. The new Ursofalk 500mg film coated tablets, brought out in 2006, are designed to make them easy to take. Salofalk® became the world’s first mesalazine preparation for treating inflammatory bowel diseases in 1984, and is now available in a wide variety of forms. Budenofalk, a corticosteroid product with a topical action, was added to our range of products for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases in 1998.

Dr Falk Pharma UK was set up in 2005 to provide the Falk organisation with its own presence in the UK and Ireland. Our parent company, Dr Falk Pharma GmbH is an independent family firm based in Freiburg, Germany.

Guided by the Falk philosophy, Dr Falk Pharma UK is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through advancing the understanding and treatment of GI and Liver diseases.

Our pharmaceuticals are used successfully to treat inflammatory bowel disease and cholestatic liver disease.

We focus on modern formulations and specially designed delivery systems to ensure targeted release of the active drug.